*** 這個活動主要設計給認同為非二元、酷兒、或正在探索性別認同的夥伴們。如果你對性別酷兒議題有興趣,但認同為順性別、二元跨性別,只是需要基本知識,我們仍然歡迎你參加,但請多聽聽別人的經驗,避免在過程中大量發言。


Education is the first window into many forms of knowledge. It it also one of the most important arenas where children get to know themselves.

However, many educational environments not only are not a safe place for children to learn about who they are, but also lack educators and materials with an understanding of gender issues. Consequently much interaction between peers is founded on gender misinformation. This can cause trauma for different kinds of people.

In a context of very binary social gender norms, non binary children especially, or children of other non traditional genders, are often ignored, denied and met with many other challenges.

This discussion is an opportunity to talk about any discrimination or non-binary gender difficulties encountered over the course of our educational pathways, as well discuss small steps we can take to have school life improved for future generations of non binary students.

*** This talk is meant as a safe space for non-binary and gender queer people, or people in the process of exploring their gender identities. If you are interested in gender queer topics but identify as cis-gender or binary transgender, you are still welcome to participate. We just ask that you take up less space and focus on listening to other's experiences.


❖時間:02/22(六)、 03/22(日)、 04/18 (六)、 05/23 (六),19:00-21:00(18:50開放入場)
❖主辦:台灣非二元酷兒浪子 Taiwan Non-binary Queer Sluts

❖Time & Date: Sat Feb. 22, 19:00-21:00 (venue open from 18:50)
❖Place: Fembooks(No.7, Lane 56. Section 3, Xinsheng South Rd., Daan Dist., Taipei City)
❖Host: Taiwan Non-binary Queer Sluts
❖Registration form: https://forms.gle/ejoavkTCT5QdW9d2A
❖Entry Fee: recommended donation of $150
*Group discussion in Mandarin Chinese